Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Elvin Nash from PBS Barbados on How Education Plays a Role in Today’s Business World

Education is the foundation of modern day society and it is also providing the direction of our future. In modern day business, this remains true as well, for the values and experiences taught during university and graduate level education teach much more than just fundamental concepts, they educate students on how to innovate and develop disruptive ideas. Elvin Nash of Barbados also holds education in the highest regard due to its benefits throughout his career as both a manager and entry level employee. With an MBA from University of the West Indies and Undergrad from University of Technology, Elvin developed skill in managing businesses, technology and people, however beyond these defined skills, pursuing education to the highest degree also trained him on how to commit and execute on one’s goals.

Education enables us to make intelligent decisions in both our personal and professional lives. Barbados based Elvin Nash Barbados had the opportunity to pursue his education to the MBA level. In the context of business management, this is a truly defining characteristic in his resume. However, beyond the obvious benefits on paper, the achievement of an MBA also gives great insight into the character of the individual. As a successful graduate student, Elvin has specifically refined his thinking to a business efficiency, but this trait also demonstrates his commitment, discipline and intelligence. These skills while not specifically defined in a job description, will provide great insight into his character as a potential business partner. Education presents numerous benefits apart from certifications and titles, it also helps develop your personal attributes and character.