Thursday, 7 January 2016

Elvin Nash on how Xerox Propelled his Career to the Island of Barbados

If it weren't for a single day, twenty five years ago, Elvin Nash would not have found himself running the entire Productive Business Solutions (PBS) site in Barbados. On that particular day in 1990, Nash was hired by the Xerox Jamaica Limited. Thanks to that first opportunity, he has had the fortune of upward career success which has taken him all over Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

Initially hired as a Customer Service Engineer, he went on to tackle the jobs of Technical Service Training Supervisor and Office Solutions Pre-Sales Specialist. Before moving to the Xerox Distributor Group and later to PBS, Nash was eventually a Product Specialist for Xerox Distributor Group.

As the Product Specialist, Elvin Nash developed traits which would later serve him well at PBS Barbados. He was the driving force behind the selection and development of new Xerox products throughout the island. In this role, it was crucial that Nash could understand the needs of the customer, to therefore select products that would be useful and worthwhile.

 Elvin Nash Barbados was also the individual who supported the developing of the local marketing strategies for the new Xerox products, including the document management and printing systems sold by the company. His selected products were marketed through traditional print campaigns, at trade shows, and festive product launch events.