Friday, 30 September 2016

Barbados-based Elvin Nash - Habits of Productive Businesspeople

Elvin Nash is one of PBS’s more effective and successful businessmen. He has worked in many different positions with Xerox and its Caribbean partner, Productive Business Solutions. Nash has held many leadership positions, including managerial positions in Jamaica and Cayman, and is now the general manager of PBS Barbados. He has also won many awards and received recognition from his employers for his hard work. There are many small things you can do in your daily work to stay on track and be more productive.
  • - Stay organized through creating lists. There are many different lists that you can use to stay productive, whether they be to-do lists, goal lists, or something else. By getting your ideas or thoughts out on paper (or on your phone), this makes them visible, seem more solid and can help motivate you to accomplish the tasks and goals and stay productive.
  • - Take enough time to rest. Often, people think that being productive means being active all the time, but this can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Instead, take little breaks to do things that you enjoy. It will leave you feeling more energized and motivated to continue working towards your goals.
  • - Minimize distractions while working. Try to work somewhere quiet or with soft music, and keep your phone and Facebook turned off while you are working. This will lead to better quality work and you will get things done faster.
Elvin Nash Barbados uses these techniques and many more to stay productive in his work as a manager for Productive Business Solutions in Barbados.`

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Barbados-based Elvin Nash - Steps to Increasing Revenue and Building a Business

Barbados businessman Elvin Nash has been very successful in his work with PBS – a Xerox Authorized Distributor, where he has worked in many different leadership positions to increase sales and revenue, as well as introduce new products and develop efficient business practices. He has an MBA in business administration as well as accreditation in sales management and marketing, and he uses this expertise to ensure that the Xerox brand and Productive Business Solutions, continue to grow.

Logistically, the first step towards increasing revenue for any business is to try to attract more customers, which in turn will lead to more transactions and a higher amount of revenue. This is usually done through marketing and raising awareness of the business in general. There are many different venues for advertising, ranging from local flyers and billboards to social media to a traditional TV or radio advertisments.

Another step towards increasing revenue is to get the customers you already have to make larger purchases. A good way to encourage this is by consistently introducing new products and services to keep the customer returning, and by upselling each purchase by encouraging the customer to buy products that are compatible with the ones they have already purchased.

Elvin Nash Barbados has used these practices in Barbados and throughout his career to transform his businesses into success stories.