Sunday, 31 January 2016

Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman - Customer-Centric Marketing Tips

Elvin Nash is a respected General Manager at PBS (Productive Business Solutions) Barbados and he is trusted with much of the company’s marketing tactics. When marketing for a company such as PBS, customer-centric tactics are often considering the most beneficial. Customer-centric marketing places the customer at the heart of all decision making and it helps the marketer better understand the customer. Elvin Nash is fluent with customer-centric marketing in his Barbados position because he has decades of experience, but if you’re new to it, the following tips will help:
  • Organize information around customers. Whenever possible, collect data on individual customers and store it in your system. Over time, you will build a useful array of information detailing the behavior and statistics of your customers. Customer-centric marketing campaigns rely heavily on this information.
  • Seek deeper customer information. If you do not have much information on individual customers, find a way to acquire it. It is useful to know the behaviors of repeat customers, the actions of non-repeat customers and the effectiveness of follow-up messages, sales and promotions. With this customer information, you can better shape your marketing campaign to appeal specifically to your customers.
  • Never stop testing. Customer-centric marketing is a constant trial and error process. As customers and trends change, so must your marketing. Develop new marketing strategies to test, modify them based on customer response, test them again, modify based on response and repeat.
When Elvin Nash approaches a marketing campaign within his PBS Barbados office, he automatically focuses on making it customer centric. In time, this will become second nature to you, too.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman - The Basics of Entrepreneurship

Elvin Nash, an international businessman currently based out of Barbados, is an innovative professional with an entrepreneurial mindset. Not all businesspersons with entrepreneurial mindsets work for themselves, but they typically share basic traits. For example, Elvin Nash currently works for PBS Barbados, but he still possesses basic traits like these:
  • Empathy. In addition to leadership, management and organization skills, entrepreneurs need to understand empathy. You’ll need to be able to communicate with potential business partners, employees and allies. Additionally, entrepreneurs often study psychology books to learn how to read people and best predict who is a reliable ally and who is not.
  • Morals. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often don’t need to answer to anyone, which means that there’s no one to enforce a code of right and wrong. This doesn’t mean that your endeavors don’t need to be moral, though. You still need to recognize and enforce a sense of fair play and the rule of doing no harm.
  • Risk management. Entrepreneurs must understand when to take a risk and when to play it safe. Betting everything in your hand is rarely a sound action, but risks are sometimes unavoidable. You must weigh the benefits and the costs, and make a sound decision on how to proceed.
  • Work/life balance. When you run your own company, it’s easy to let it absorb you. This is a fast way to burn out, though, and maintaining a work/life balance is vital to success. Entrepreneurs must remember to take time for themselves so they do not lose out on their lives apart from business.
Elvin Nash Barbados employs these basic entrepreneurial traits in all of his business endeavors, including those with PBS Barbados. Before pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors, assess yourself and what needs to be done to implement these traits.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Elvin Nash on how Xerox Propelled his Career to the Island of Barbados

If it weren't for a single day, twenty five years ago, Elvin Nash would not have found himself running the entire Productive Business Solutions (PBS) site in Barbados. On that particular day in 1990, Nash was hired by the Xerox Jamaica Limited. Thanks to that first opportunity, he has had the fortune of upward career success which has taken him all over Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

Initially hired as a Customer Service Engineer, he went on to tackle the jobs of Technical Service Training Supervisor and Office Solutions Pre-Sales Specialist. Before moving to the Xerox Distributor Group and later to PBS, Nash was eventually a Product Specialist for Xerox Distributor Group.

As the Product Specialist, Elvin Nash developed traits which would later serve him well at PBS Barbados. He was the driving force behind the selection and development of new Xerox products throughout the island. In this role, it was crucial that Nash could understand the needs of the customer, to therefore select products that would be useful and worthwhile.

 Elvin Nash Barbados was also the individual who supported the developing of the local marketing strategies for the new Xerox products, including the document management and printing systems sold by the company. His selected products were marketed through traditional print campaigns, at trade shows, and festive product launch events.

Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman - Qualities of a Valued Leader

Elvin Nash, a Barbados Businessman, is a valued leader and General Manager for PBS (Productive Business Solutions) Barbados. Respected leaders are looked to for great ideas, and they are valued for their abilities to execute plans and to encourage team cohesion. If you don’t feel as though you have what it takes to be a leader, like Elvin Nash is for his PBS Barbados team, you must learn to emphasize leadership qualities. Below are some of the many qualities that valued leaders possess:
  • Clear and open communication. Leaders must to know to clearly convey what they want to accomplish with each project. Many successful leaders also make a point to communicate with their teams daily and they invite any member of the team to approach them with questions. Clear and open communication earns trust and loyalty.

  • Unconditional honesty. Regardless of a leader’s personal ethical standards, a team that works under a leader deserves respect and honesty. Honesty promotes a healthy office environment and it encourages team members to be just as open as their leader is.

  • Passion and commitment. Leaders are expected to set an example for their team. If you’re leading a team, it’s up to you to show them how passionate and committed the cause you are. Seeing the leader proving his or her commitment to the team’s cause is often one of the greatest motivations a team member can experience. 

  • Positivity. To keep your team motivated, you need to be a positive and high-energy leader who hopes for the best. Though this does not mean that you should be unrealistic, a positive leader sets a positive tone for his or her team.
Elvin Nash exhibits these qualities and others like them in his PBS Barbados position and, by fostering these qualities in yourself, you can prepare to move into a similar leadership position.

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