Sunday, 7 February 2016

Elvin Nash, Barbados Businessman - Prepare to Become an International Businessperson

Elvin Nash Barbados, the General Manager for PBS (Productive Business Solutions) Barbados, is an international businessman with years of experience. If you aspire to become an international businessman like Elvin Nash, so that you can move to places like Barbados or the Cayman Islands to work, you’ll need to prepare. A business education will help, but these are examples of other steps you can take to begin your international career:

Move overseas. The easiest way to prepare yourself for a life as an international businessperson is to live it. Move to another country, contact local businesspersons and arrange meetings. Soak in the culture and learn to move seamlessly between cultures and languages. Visit businesses in your industry, step outside of your comfort zone and meet people, face to face.

Attend local ethnic events. If you’re not ready to spend time in another country, look for local ethnic events to attend first. These events might be centered around religion, sports, food or business, but the important thing is to experience the situations themselves. You will immerse yourself in a culture that will likely make you feel like an outside until you settle in. Becoming comfortable with this is necessary for international businesspersons.

Act globally. You’ve probably been told to act or think globally before, but most people don’t understand what it means. For a businessperson, acting globally mean thinking about the world as your potential audience instead of just your city, state, religion or country. Reach out to the world, and it will respond, regardless of how cliché it seems at the time.

Barbados’s Elvin Nash and similar international businesspersons might make global business look easy, but it requires work. If you want to work with the world, you need to learn to live in the world instead of living only in your area.