Saturday, 22 October 2016

Barbados Businessman Elvin Nash - History of the Xerox Company

Based in Barbados, Elvin Nash is the general manager of the country’s Productive Business Solutions branch. PBS is an Authorized Distributor partner of Xerox, and Nash has worked for the Xerox and PBS companies for most of his career, spanning two decades. Xerox is a well-respected company around the world and is known for their office supplies and services.

Xerox began in 1906 as a company making photographic paper and tools, and was known as the Haloid Photographic Company. The name did not change until 1946, when Joseph C. Wilson bought a new photocopying system from Chester Carlson and sold it as the first commercial photocopying product. The company introduced the Xerox 914 in 1959, and it was the world’s first successful photocopier. This allowed the company to grow significantly in the 1960’s, and Xerox began to introduce more products, including a desktop photocopier and a telecopier. The company also set up its’ headquarters in downtown Rochester, New York at the Xerox tower, a thirty story building.

Xerox continued to expand its’ product line over the next several decades, introducing color photocopiers and digital photocopiers. Xerox also expanded into the printing business in the early 2000s. Most recently, Xerox expanded into IT and computer services to offer a wider range of business solutions. Elvin Nash Barbados has worked with the Xerox through their continued expansion for many years.